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This site uses the metaphor of a school to explain best practices in the digital documentation of language. Different rooms in the school have been developed to address different user needs. For example, the Classroom contains lessons and tutorials, the Reading Room offers a bibliography, the Tool Room lists downloadable software, and the Workroom offers online facilities that support best practices. Of particular importance are the Case Studies, which offer examples of language documentation digitized according to best practices.

There are several ways to navigate the site:

  • Case Studies: The Case Studies explain how the language documentation in the Exhibit Hall was created. Several describe how the documentation was converted from a legacy format, e.g., MS Word, Shoebox, Filemaker Pro, or even notecards. The Case Studies were designed partly as navigational aids. One way to navigate the site is to choose a case study which approximates what you would like to do with your documentation, then follow the steps described.
  • Left sidebar: The left sidebar menus open to display subordinate levels of information if you scroll over them slowly with your mouse. They are also context sensitive: when you are in a particular room, such as the Classroom, the Classroom sub-menus will be open on the left sidebar.
  • Site Map: The Site Map provides an overview of the site.


This site is continually under development. Your feedback is most welcome.
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