Phonology of Monguor 蒙古儿,土 *

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The content of this page was developed from the research of Dr. Arienne Dwyer,
Dr. Wang Xianzhen, Dr. Limusishiden (Li Dechun) and Ms. Lu Wanfang.


The phonological features of Monguor include reduced vowel harmony, vowel devoicing in some initial syllables and short word-final vowels. The language has a three vowel system with phonemic vowel length, plus e and ə, as well as seven dipthongs.

Monguor Vowel Chart

  Front Central Back
High i/i:   u/u:
High-mid e/e:   o/o:
Low-mid   ə  
Low   a/a:  

Monguor's consonantal inventory includes a three-way silibant distinction (s, ts, ʣ, ʂ, ʐ, dʐ, tʂ, ɕ, j, ʨ, ʥ). The language also preserves the Middle Mongolian final nasals -n and -ŋ.

Monguor Consonant Chart

Alveolar Retro
Palatal Velar Uvular
Plosive p  b   t  d     k  g   q
Nasal m   n       ŋ  
Trill     r          
Fricative   f  v s ʂ  ʐ ɕ   x  
Affricate     ts  dz tʂ  dʐ ʨ  ʥ      
Approx.           j    
* Description based primarily on the Huzhu Monguor variety.

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