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The content of this page was developed from the research of Dr. Arienne Dwyer,
Dr. Wang Xianzhen, Dr. Limusishiden (Li Dechun) and Ms. Lu Wanfang.


Monguor 蒙古儿,土 is a Southeastern Mongolic language spoken in the People's Republic of China in the Qinghai 青海 province (primarily Huzhu 互助蒙古儿, Datong, Ledu, Minhe 民和蒙古儿, & Tongren 同仁蒙古儿counties) and the Gansu province (primarily Tianzhu county, and also Dahejia county). The Monguor population are called 'Tu' by the Chinese, but this is seen as pejorative by many Monguor speakers. There are approximately 163,800 Monguors, of whom approximately 42,000 still speak Monguor.

Data collection

The Monguor data was collected primarily by native speakers, which makes the data presented here unusual. This method of documenting the language has resulted in an abundance of material: under the guidance of Dr. Arienne Dwyer the collection teams have been able to collect many hours of video, audio and text data, all of it annotated using either a Pinyin-based transcription, or a translation into Chinese or Tibetan. This is being analyzed linguistically by Dr. Dwyer at the University of Kansas.

The E-MELD team was able to take the XML files output by the TASX annotator used by the data collection teams and transform them into FIELD-compliant XML files. The data was then uploaded into the FIELD database .

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  1. Get Started: Summary of the Monguor conversion
  2. Convert Data: Conversion page (Classroom)
  3. Create a Lexicon: FIELD tool (Workroom)
  4. Present Data: Stylesheets page (Classroom)

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